Volume 12           Number 5          October 2004

Main Contents

1    Book review: The Politics of Money Towards Sustainability and Economic Democracy-
                                 by Frances Hutchinson, Mary Mellow and Wendy Olsen     William Krehm

2   Sen and the Art of Market-Cycle Maintenance     Molly Scott Cato

3   Our Unasked and Unanswerable Questions     William Krehm

4    Is a life without fossil fuel possible?     George Monbiot

5    Two Kinds of Mass Death     George Monbiot

6    PERMACULTURE & MONEY     Patricia Knox

8    Book Review: The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power     Keith Wilde

9    Book Review: Monetary Reform making it happen! by James Robertson and John Bunzl    Brian Leslie

10    Subsidies the root of the problem     HUMPHREY PHELPS

11    PROMOTING CREDIT UNIONS     from Prosperity

12    The Bad or the Terrible     George Monbiot

13    The lunatic you work for         May 6th 2004.     from The Economist print edition

14    New Deal for Municipalities     Gordon Coggins and George Crowell