8:   Book Review:

Monetary Reform – making it happen!

James Robertson and John Bunzl ISPO Making it Happen series

Published by the International Simultaneous Policy Organisation, 2003 £5 ISBN 0-9546727-0-4

This little book relates the two ideas of Monetary Reform and International Simultaneous Policy, discussing the needs for both, and the possible dependence of the first on the prior spread of the second.

John Bunzl is the founder of The International Simultaneous Policy Organisation, which aims to put pressure on politicians to ‘provisionally adopt’ the Simultaneous Policy by getting enough of the electorate to pledge to vote for any personally acceptable candidate who has done so. This would not commit the candidate to any policy until such time as a majority of countries adopted it to implement simultaneously. The policies to be adopted in these circumstances would have been developed by the groups promoting the idea, through dialogue and debate. This is explained in the second half of the book, and related to the reform promoted in the first half.

The particular Monetary Reform examined is that proposed in Creating New Money, which James co-wrote with Joseph Huber, and was published by the New Economics Foundation in 2000.

James has used the feedback from that to list and demolish a number of objections to it, while considering the possible problems for any country trying to implement it while the rest of the world carried on as now – problems which would not arise if all, or a substantial part, of the world introduced the reform simultaneously, which is the point of promoting the International Simultaneous Policy Organisation.

More about the book, with extracts from reviews of it, are on a link from the home page of this SustEc website.

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