Editorial: The re-emergence of debate on the nature of money, its history and the need for reform continues, with the appearance of further books in recent months.

I have recently received copies of:

The Lost Science of Money by Stephen Zarlenga (706 pages) —I have been advertising his web-displayed essays on the back page for several past issues;

The Money Changers, ed David Boyle (267 pages);

Seven Steps to Justice by Rodney Shakespeare and Peter Challen;

Pelf — a Green Commentary on the Abuse of Money by Jonathan Gray (250 pages);

A History of Money from Ancient Times to the Present Day by Glyn Davies (693 pages);

Towards a Non-Autistic Economy — A Place at the Table for Society by William Krehm (216 pages).

This is in addition to several I have seen reviewed in other places, but have not seen.

I have at least started to read all the above, but it will be some time before I feel ready to pen reviews of them all! Any volunteers to help in this task?

Richard Douthwaite’s essay, Three Key Steps to Sustainability, included in our last issue, can be found on the Web at


Green Economics Working Group Economics Conference

25th and 26th January 2003

11-6 Saturday and 10-2  Sunday 

at Reading International Solidarity Centre,  London Street, Reading.

Exciting external speakers to discuss the issues of the day.

To request a booking form and list of workshops and if you are interested in running a workshop or presenting a paper, please  contact Miriam Kennet

Fee £15.00 a person plus £3.50 subsistence

Please send cheque to Miriam Kennet payable to Reading Green Party, 6,Strachey Close, Tidmarsh, Reading RG8 8EP 01189 845194 e-mail [email protected]

Conference on the General Agreement on Trade

in Services (GATS)

22 February 2003, 1030 – 1600 Friends Meeting House, Euston Road, London

The GATS negotiations are reaching a crucial stage this coming spring, with the deadline for WTO members to list the services they are prepared to liberalise under GATS rules being the end of March 2003.

This conference will be a crucial event in the fight against GATS in the UK, and will aim to expose GATS to the light of public awareness and to mobilise people for a demonstration in Brussels in March.

Speakers will include Caroline Lucas MEP, Ronnie Hall of Friends of the Earth International, and John Edmonds of the GMB union.  We are also hoping to get a speaker from the developing world.