So why are the governments of Canada and the provinces all falling lockstep into the World Bank IMF programs? Why would our elected representatives commit rich Canada to the four-step program designed as an Assistance Strategy for every poorer nation?

Because we entered the World trade agreement (WTO) which compels us to fall into line. Why would our representatives do that? Why would they in effect give up our capacity to make our own decisions. It can only be explained by human greed. Stiglitz talked of that force overpowering the representatives of poorer nations under the commands of the IMF and the World Bank.

In his interview with Greg Palast in The Observer, London October 10, 2001, in discussing Step One, Privatization "Briberization", Palast wrote: "Rather than object to the sell-offs of state industries, national leaders – using the World Bank's demands to silence local critics – happily flogged their electricity and water companies. 'You could see their eyes widen' at the prospect of 10% commissions paid to Swiss bank accounts for simply shaving a few billion off the sale price of national assets."

Part of the IMF, World Bank, and WTO privatisation scheme includes the elimination of national central banking control by sovereign governments. So when our elected people of every stripe tell us over and over that the Bank of Canada cannot be used to build roads or provide education or medical care or housing for our people, they are either totally ignorant or totally conquered by their real masters – not us the people. They have either betrayed us or abandoned us. Take your pick. The effect is the same: the reduction of our standard of living.

We are slowly but surely being turned over to third world conditions. Look at the emasculation of our medicare, our public broadcasting, hospitalization, education, public transit, etc etc. Come to Vancouver's downtown eastside where third world conditions now prevail for masses of condemned humanity. Our elected representatives have submitted to the Command of the international financial agenda for whatever is their rationale.

Whether they will acknowledge it or not, they are colluding with the international financial powers to deprive Canadians of an existing tool that could prevent descent into the paradigm of globalization of poverty as described by Professor Michel Chossudovky. The international agenda in effect is to impoverish the world except for that financial elite who are to have all the resources of the world and the rest of us can go to Hell!

The thing is, people are catching on. The massive protests around the world in the past few years are testament to that. But the powers do not like that. The exploitation of the 9/11 tragedy in New York to destroy civil liberties is also a part of their evil agenda.

One could dismiss my arguments as "paranoid conspiracy theory".  Well, facts are not paranoia if they are really happening. Furthermore, what is conspiracy? Law does not arise in a vacuum. It arises because of a demand from some group in society (usually the superior group) to meet a challenge or an economic loss to its authority.

A conspiracy is an agreement to do an unlawful act or to do a lawful act by unlawful means. Where did this concept arise? It arose in England at the time of the Black Death. As thousands of workers died, other workers saw an opportunity of supply and demand. Because of the shortage of labour, many survivors decided to band together organizing to demand higher wages and better working conditions for themselves. This was an economic threat to the establishment. To prevent or destroy the workers' capacity to organize, the establishment created new English law declaring it illegal to band together, i.e., to organize "combinations of workers". At the same time the legal concept of "conspiracy " emerged. In this way it became illegal to organize the workers.  Workers were jailed and hanged for organizing.