Now we have anti terrorist laws emerging in Canada and elsewhere in harmony with the US government's reaction to the 9/11 incident (another abdication of our own sovereign capacity as we jump to the command of President Bush.) These terrorist laws are written so broadly such as to catch lawful protestors in definitions of conspiracy and labels of being terrorists. What a convenient mechanism to stop the growing world awareness of and opposition to the most heinous conquering and exploitation of the whole world without a world war! Ironically by the illegal new "war" imposed by the US government on the world in reaction to the events of 9/11we may now be on the brink of World War 3.

In Turning the Tide, Confronting the Money Traders, January 1997 by John Dillon of the Ecumenical Coalition for Economic Justice, at p.31 Dillon says, "If one concedes that financial markets largely rule the world, then all that is left for governments and central banks is to try to please these markets by pursuing the policies the bond traders demand: low inflation enforced through monetarist policies of high real interest rates and high unemployment, and policies of fiscal austerity. Ultimately, this represents an abdication of power to wealthy investors and their interests. It means that governments must give up any pretence of truly working for the common good. In essence, this means abandoning the most basic principles of democracy"

It is time we called a spade a spade. Let us use our Bank of Canada for ourselves. We have to say no to the agenda of the IMF and the World Bank. That will take courage because the power of those forces is incredible. But there are some brave elected souls. Such are few and far between but they do exist. We must rally round them.

George Galloway is Labour M.P. for Glasgow Kelvin in Great Britain.  Speaking in The Guardian Saturday October 20, 2001, he says "We will not be silenced.  MPs must be free to speak out against this absurd and potentially disastrous war". What he is doing is challenging the new world order. He says a small coterie of unelected powerful people calling the shots has to stop on all fronts. We have seen in Canada (as elsewhere in the world) that our constitutions and laws are violated and ignored in this globalization process. In Canada our Prime Minister and a few officials and maybe some favoured cabinet members have become a small clique in power in the country who have taken unto themselves all control and are getting away with it. It is not our Parliament that runs Canada any more. It is our Prime Minister responding to an outside command. In England, Galloway says "No more". Galloway says, "Churchill and Chamberlain both would have scorned the idea of their actions being licensed by whips, as if we were circus dogs whose duty was to perform tricks for the ringmaster. I too have now been summoned to see the chief whip. Next week, over tea and biscuits at 11 Downing Street, I will have to courteously explain to my old friend Hilary Armstrong that I, for one, will not be gagged. This bombing has to stop – and the war is too important to be left to ministers and generals in conclave." Oh for a Galloway in Canada!

"Fascism should rightly be called corporatism as it is a merge of state and corporate power"...Benito Mussolini
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