Volume 14     Number 1      February 2006

Main Contents

1    Editorial

      GEI conferences

2    The future of money     James Robertson

3    Book review: Q What’s the Difference Between Bankers and Counterfeiters? by William F Hixson     Brian Leslie

4    Book review: Power to the People by Vijay Vaitheeswaran     Michael Gill

5    Book review: Guardians of Power – the myth of the liberal media  by David Edwards & David Cromwell    Brian Leslie

6    Book review: Soundings – A journal of politics and culture Ed. Jonathan Rutherford     Brian Leslie

7    The Corporate Begging Bowl     George Monbiot


9    South Korea Rejects Globalization     ‘The Editor’

10    Book review: The Political Economy of Social Credit and Guild Socialism
                                               by Frances Hutchinson & Brian Burkitt
     Brian Leslie

11    Extract from Economic Democracy     C H Douglas (1920)

12    How Britain Denies its Holocausts     George Monbiot

13    The Struggle Against Ourselves     George Monbiot

14    Whence the Tsunami of Capital Deluging the World     William Krehm

15    Random Notes to Help our Government Catch Up with Some Neglected Homework     William Krehm

16    The Free Rider Syndrome     Dix Sandbeck

17    Hit-and-run rent – da Vinci style!     Land and Liberty

18    Worse Than Fossil Fuel     George Monbiot