1:   Editorial: I’ve found it difficult to select the articles for this issue; I am ‘spoilt for choice’, though still little material is forthcoming from members of the Group! – Hence I won’t take up any more space for this editorial.

Brian Leslie

Convenor’s Bit

Its lovely to be able to report real and growing interest in Green Economics. On the Green Economics Institute’s web site we have had 150,000 hits in just over a year.

We are now taking bookings for the Glastonbury Green Economics Wellbeing Retreat and Conference on a farm with music, discussion, therapies, and workshops discussing economics with a host of exciting speakers – we have had 60 enquiries for this and the accommodation is nearly all booked up so do please book quickly if you want to come along – we have room for 100 people. Please email me at [email protected] or visit the Institute’s website at for more information.

The conference on 8th April will be held at Mansfield College, Oxford University – and is about Intergenerational Equity and Long Termism and the theories of Green Economics,Stakeholder Management and Corporate Social Responsibility. We have superb speakers and some from abroad – so do make sure you don’t miss that – it’s a first – a Green Economics Conference at Oxford University! And we may have a formal dinner in the college dinning hall – with gowns optional if you fancy that – please advise. Please email me at [email protected] for more details or visit the web site: for booking form.

The first issue of the International Journal of Green Economics is almost all typeset and is expected to be launched at the April Conference. Do visit the journals website, on We have over 30 articles of superb quality and initial academic feedback includes words like "superb" "marvelous" which is lovely.

We are also launching a journal called "The Green Economist" which will carry topical items and advertising – and we will advise more about that – you can find out more by visiting the Green Economics Institute website at where you will also find more details about how to book for the conferences.

The Institute is keen to encourage prospective authors for its series of green economics books which four publishers have expressed strong interest in. Do let us know if you want to write something. Also please do let us have articles and adverts for the "Green Economist" and of course for "Sustainable Economics."

In terms of debate, we are keen for people to submit articles about the aims of green economics, and about the issue of needs, happiness, rights, community and solidarity, equity and equality and well being which we are exploring at the moment.

Also we would like to look at the role and implementation of land value tax and about Citizen’s Income and how it should be applied and examples where these tools are being used today.

Also the Green Party Green Economics Working Group will be holding a weekend away on 10th and 11th December at Lockyers Farm near Glastonbury, to discuss the development of Green Economics Policy. This is an event for Green Party Members only – and all of them are very welcome. Please send an email to me at [email protected] for more info.

Looking forward to your articles and to seeing you all at the two forthcoming events.

Also look out for the Green Economics Institute at the Solar Cities Conference in Oxford in April where we are running two panels.

Miriam Kennet

Convenor, Green Party Green Economics Working Group