Dr. Edward C. Hamlyn M.B.Ch.B.

Economics as practised in the world today is a fight for survival.

Instead of an orderly creation of what is needed and wanted and an effective method of distribution to those who require those goods and services, we have chaos with excessive creation of surpluses and totally ineffective distribution.

Such chaos does not provide the essentials for survival so that the economy, as it is, fails to provide for survival and mankind has to fight to survive.

The fight is called competition and there are no holds barred.

The basic deficiency which causes this chaos is the absence of a reliable means of exchange.

The form of economics practised on Earth today depends upon money as a means of exchange.

Not knowing the true nature of money, a substitute was found and it is called credit.

This is another name for debt and therefore the worlds’ economy today uses debt as a global currency and the global economy is insolvent.

Looked at this way it becomes obvious that such an economic system does not provide mankind with a means of survival and mankind has a fight on its hands in order to stay alive.

Those responsible for this chaos are those who have usurped the privilege of creating money and create debt instead.

This is fraud, it is a crime against humanity and is perpetrated by criminals.

By seizing the right to create the global currency as debt, these criminals have acquired absolute power.

When you fight for your life against a foe who has absolute power and is using that power to exterminate much of the human race, including yourself, you are liable to become desperate and fight back with comparable ruthlessness.

A strike at the world centre of the merchants of chaos is a logical attempt to end a dynasty that threatens the whole of life on this planet.

This terrifying scenario could be well named terrorism.

But we call those with the usurped privilege of creating credit capitalists and they are the primates of terrorism.

President - British Association Łor Monetary Reform.

The NCC, like Forum for the Future and WWF, insists that taking money from business doesn’t change the way it works. We are asked to believe that its staff can simultaneously view corporations as both the enemies and the Friends of the people they are supposed to represent.

But even if we were to take these claims at face value, there’s no question that the companies involved see their new relationships as a golden opportunity. As the NCC says, by making Friends, companies can enhance their reputations. Far from encouraging them to abandon corrupt or destructive practices, acquiring the NCC stamp of approval helps firms to fend off those critics who have not sold out.

By accepting some of Britain’s most predatory corporations as its friends, the National Consumer Council becomes our enemy. Next time we want to protest against Barclays or Tesco, we should take our grievances not to their own headquarters but to their sub-contracted public relations agency, formerly known as the NCC.