Sleeping with the Enemy

Consumer and environment groups are getting into bed with big corporations

By George Monbiot. Published in the Guardian 4th September 2001

The genius of capitalism is its ability to capture the genius of everything else. Labour’s 100th conference has been franchised to McDonalds. The alternative energy systems developed by hippies and lonely professors are seized by oil companies as soon as they look profitable. Even the anti-capitalism movement has become big business.

But for many corporations, turning problems into opportunities doesn’t require any genius at all. For some of their former opponents appear all too willing to be bought.

This summer, the National Consumer Council began a new relationship with some of the companies it has confronted. By taking their money, its credibility has been fatally undermined.

The purpose of the NCC, which was established with government funds in 1975, is to safeguard the interests of consumers, particularly, according to its mission statement, “the inarticulate and disadvantaged”. It has battled on their behalf against sharp practice, especially in the insurance, banking, supermarket and utilities sectors. Now, however, consumers could be forgiven for wondering whose side it is on.




That in essence is what Bush is telling each Individual country of the world.

He is also explaining the reason that another arms race is essential:

`Without the threat of war to force everyone to buy arms, we shall have real live war with both sides buying arms from America, which I know you do not want; but America must sell arms in order to keep the American economy viable.”

“You all know that if Mr. Greenspan allows the American economy to slow a little, you all suffer. That must not happen, so you must allow us to increase pollution and start another arms race. Why do you imagine we have the CIA beavering away throughout the world stirring up trouble and strife? Peace with no threat of war would be am economic disaster.”

Do you see now why the son of the C.I.A. was chosen to rule the world from the White House?

But who chose Bush and financed his election as President? Who is calling the shots from below the parapet? Why!–the money makers of course!

And how do they create and issue money? By seducing people, industry and governments into debt so that they can create and issue money as credit.

Now do you see why the richest country in the world is pleading poverty? It is rich in debt. It has borrowed more money into existence than any other country in the world and is on an economic treadmill which leads nowhere other than to global warming

Anyone who wishes to protest is assisted by the C.I.A with a hired gang of anarchists, who justify a massive police presence, and the protest is rubbished.

There you have current affairs in a nutshell.

You may well ask “Why does It have to be like this?”

Just stop and think. If you personally were asked to run the world from the White House, would you chose this scenario?

“Not unless I was insane,” would be the instant answer.

There you have your answer as to why It is like this. These guys crouching down below the parapet ate nuts. They are insane!

Edward C. Hamlyn MBChB