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Dear Paul, Thank you for accepting your civic and governmental duties as the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States of America. As you’re one of this country’s most accomplished contemporary heros, we’re proud to have you aboard and active in our (more genuine) US Cabinet.

The Citizens Executive Administration (CEA-USA) is considering revoking the corporate charter of the Federal ReserveCorporation and eliminating US participation with the World Bank and IMF. As described in my first national address (not reported by AOL Time Warner Corp, et al) I’ve declared the following ExecutiveOrders:
“Furthermore, as money governs us all, we may as well recognize that those who issue and control currency are the government In the name of functional democracy, as my first Executive Order, I hereby grant all municipal governments within the boundaries of these United States, to issue legal-tender US Notes. . These genuine US dollars shall be quantitatively issued in respect to the natural resources of each municipality minus its average ecological footprint .

“As my second Executive Order, I hereby abolish all personal federal income tax and replace it with a national personal dividend, to be apportioned to each individual by their respective municipal government in accordance to such individual’s ecological footprint.

“As my third Executive Order, I shall resign as soon as my first two Executive Orders are fully executed so as to attend to my duties as a mother and common citizen. Thereafter, should the American people still find any need for a federal US government, they may reconstitute the next administration and congress by simple, direct, paper-ballot voting as done in Switzerland and numerous other real, peaceful, prosperous democracies

We look forward to hearing your recommendations concerning the above Executive Orders and suggest you contact Secretary of Commerce David Korten regarding the US/global economic restructuring process and Secretary of Health & Human Services Susan Sarandon regarding the potentially universal applicability of your health system .

After that, please contact Secretary of Energy Paul Wellstone, Secretary of Transportation Hunter Lovins, Secretary of Defense Jesse Venture and National Security Advisors Amory Lovins and Gary Sick (and other Cabinet members, time permitting) regarding the integration of their duties in relation to monetary restructuring.
Furthermore, please appoint your staff immediately and report their identities (pseudo or otherwise) to me within the next two weeks.
At the moment, we’re still utilizing old email addresses, several of which don’t seem to function. Government email passwords will be issued shortly by Chief of Staff Paul Revere and his deputies, at which point we can convene in cyberspace, open to the public and the NSA (whose employees are all welcome to participate or simply take their permanant vacation pay and live in a remote paradise or wherever they choose), at to administrate the new democratic and ecological policies of the United States.

Meanwhile, administrative and public commentary is open to all at:
Thank you again for bravely stepping forward to serve our country and the world at this critical moment in history.

Linda Jones President of the United States [email protected] Monticello 931 Thomas Jefferson Pkwy Charlottesville VA 22902-7148


[email protected] (Paul Glover) wrote:

Dear President Linda Jones,

Thank you for your nomination as U.S. Treasury Secretary. It is an honor to be offered this responsibility on the people’s transition team, preparing an ecological and socially just society. We will need promptly to alter or abolish the Federal Reserve Board, which sets the boundaries within which the U.S. Treasury operates-- rates of interest, permitted levels of debt financing, unrepayable interest on this debt, and limits on social spending to ensure debt servicing.

The U.S. Treasury was, for 130 years, empowered to emit money directly to meet public need. The public was not charged interest by banking intermediaries for this service.

If the Federal Reserve continues to function, its chair and members could be elected, for example, by a congress of regional economies whose members are NGOs. Local currency would be preferentially integrated into regional and interstate commerce as well:
I’m especially pleased that you’ve declared your presidency because I had written the following Redeclaration of Independence:



from Notpresident Bush and the Corporate Insurrection

Whereas during the recent U.S. presidential election campaign only two candidates were permitted to present their views to the electorate in formal national debate,

And whereas these two candidates were selected by corporations whose ownership of media restricts broadest national debate regarding military spending, national health care, environmental abuse, labor abuse, global commercial treaties and other matters of great concern,
And whereas the media campaigns of these two candidates were purchased by major corporations,

And whereas half the U.S. electorate found between these two candidates no significant difference, and declined to vote,

And whereas millions of adult citizens are not permitted to vote, due to former felony status, pursuant laws made by politicians representing the political parties of these two candidates,

And whereas thousands of voters in African-American and Latino districts in Florida were harassed by police at the polls, or required unlawfully to submit multiple forms of identification, or told falsely the polls were closed,

And whereas thousands of votes in those districts were capriciously discarded or not counted,

And whereas the U.S. Supreme Court has declared the candidate who received fewer popular votes winner of the presidency and, rife with personal conflicts of interest, transformed itself into the U.S. Republican Court,

And whereas this corporate/judicial collusion represents treason against representative governance,

Therefore be it resolved that George W. Bush shall be hereafter declared Notpresident Bush,

Be it further resolved that the lawful executive power of the United States of America is hereafter transferred to non-profit non-governmental organizations seeking to secure direct public control over elections, peacemaking, health care, environmental restoration, urban revival, labor rights, civil rights, reproductive rights, commercial treaties and other national policy,

Be it further resolved that the Congress assembled of these groups shall be called The Presidency,

Be it further resolved that The Presidency shall initially convene nationally at a time and place to be agreed by non-profit non-governmental civic organizations subscribing to this declaration, to establish a constitution and bylaws, and thereafter shall meet continually in local, regional, and national assemblies to promulgate measures for common benefit,

Be it further resolved that The Presidency shall transmit its deliberations and decisions to relevant Legislative branches of government and shall exert any and all nonviolent influence upon legislatures to honor its decisions,

Be it further resolved that citizens participating in such groups are encouraged to address one another with the honorific “President [your name here],”

Be it further resolved that wars, taxes, treaties, laws, appointments, orders and other acts authorized by Notpresident Bush are declared null and void,

Be it further resolved that U.S. citizens and our fellow citizens of other nations carry no obligation to obey mandates of Notpresident Bush,

Be it further resolved that The Presidency shall continue until the public gains public funding of campaigns and debates, proportional representation of Congress, instant runoff voting, ballot access reform, abolition of the Electoral College and civil control of public broadcast frequencies and channels,

Be it further resolved that The Presidency shall yield executive power to a properly elected United States President, when the corporate insurrecion against the Constitution of the United States is altogether put down, and our republic restored.

Yours, Paul Glover 12/12/00 Paul Glover * (607) 272-4330 Box 365, Ithaca, NY 14851 Ithaca Health Fund * Box 362, Ithaca, NY 14851 * 387-8344

Citizens Executive Administration of the United States of America
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