Please give serious attention to the first article in this issue: the proposed Monetary Reform motion to submit to the Green Party’s next Autumn Conference. Send your response, please, to me.

Two long articles in this issue, both putting viewpoints new to this newsletter; I hope readers will find them thought-provoking.

John Tomlinson’s article questions the legitimacy of the banks’ interest-charges on their loans, pointing out the totally unfair weight of the law which is placed behind enforcement of these debts, regardless of the degree of the lenders’—mainly banks—irresponsibility in lending. It is also important for the analysis of banks’ accounts, illustrated by one typical example, and showing how little confidence we should have in them.

The other article, by Gary Lamb, is based on Rudolph Steiner’s ideas, proposing a "threefolding" of society. The Green Party’s ideas on "stakeholding" have much in common with these.

‘From Globalisation to Localisation’

The Green Economy Group’s joint weekend conference with the Leicester Radical Alliance in November was a success, and a full report is being prepared for printing and will be put on their website by the end of the month: