8: Was Scottish independence vote rigged?

A phenomenally high turnout (approaching 90%) was always going to favour the Yes vote. Numerous people reported on Twitter that they changed their voting intention from No to Yes once they got into the voting booth. People who’d never voted in their lives were so incensed by the Cameron, Clegg and Milliband visit to Scotland, they broke the habit of a lifetime to vote Yes.

And yet, Betfair paid out on “No” before the polls closed, rather than wait for the count. Alex Salmond mysteriously cancelled his appearance for the announcement of the result for his own constituency and then stepped down as leader of the SNP - there was no shame in 45% voting Yes.

One can argue media and establishment scare stories frightened No voters to turn out in droves but that argument seems much less compelling than why people were voting Yes - momentum favoured a Yes vote.

UK Govt. covert vote fraud denying Scotland Independence is a quantum worse than 2000 U.S. Supreme Court fraud in Bush v. Gore making Bush US President & What to do about it! By Alfred Lambremont Webre (H/T) – see

This article is about prima facie evidence of systemic large scale vote-counting fraud in the counting of the YES and NO paper ballots that could only have occurred under a concerted high-level order within the UK government and Vote-Counting administration to find a NO result whatever the cost.


– see

A Yes vote would have jeopardised the supremacy of the criminal ruling class (CRC) and set in train events which could have led to the collapse of the current power system – see That couldn’t be allowed to happen. There are many who will find these claims of fraud incredible but we know how adept politicians and the CRC are at lying. Furthermore when murder and genocide are conducted with impunity to further the CRC agenda, a bit of vote rigging seems “pretty small beer.”

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24 September 2014

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