1: Editorial:

“Britain, a client state in composite ownership: economically, politically and militarily subordinate” – this is the title of an entry in the website, ‘Political Concern’, on 4 November, here; worth a look? – as perhaps also other entries on his site.

Another, rather too long article to copy into this newletter, but which I would nevertheless recommend to readers, is about what really happenned in Rwanda, and some of the drastic actions taken to hide this truth. This is on line at here

We do not hear much about the ongoing, deteriorating situation in Greece due to the drastic authoritarian application of ‘neo-liberal’ policies. Meanwhile, the developments in this country are fast moving toward the same situation, so it is worth the effort to look at and learn from what is happenning there. Insurgente Iskra -- [email protected] -- has published in Revolution News - an article entitled “Transforming crisis to krisis. The #Festival4sce: a hub of networks towards the Alternative Route in Greece”, concerning an overview of the evolution of the alternative networks in Greece in the last 4 years and organised around 4 parts:
• PART I: The social impact of austerity measures in Greece
• PART II: The societal response to austerity
• PART III: Giving birth to the #Festival4sce: Another world is not only possible but already exists!
• PART IV: The challenge of linking struggles on national and international level

Brian Leslie