1: Editorial:

The result of the long-debated issue of Scottish Independence has at last been settled by the Referendum held on the 18th of September. Regrettably, the result was 55% for a’No’ vote. Now the real, related issues must be settled.

As written in the Daily Pickings in [email protected], 19/09/14:

‘The disappointment among Yes voters and supporters around the world is understandable but the 45% vote in favour of Scottish independence is a huge achievement and a significant step towards dislodging the power of the criminal ruling clique (CRC).

‘The deplorable antics of puppet politicians, media and establishment figures reveal their desperation to preserve the status quo for vested interests. As for those who voted No out of some misplaced sense of patriotism and fear of the unknown (hyped to levels of hysteria in the media), Artist Taxi Driver tweeted it best: Morpheus:”...And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.”

‘But this is only one step on the road to take back power from the CRC. The whole UK electorate, including the Scots, will have the opportunity to change politics for good in next May’s general election.

‘Power is currently held and exercised by the CRC and the system from which they benefit is destructive and abusive.’

One of the issues which would need to be settled is the question of continued use of the Pound Sterling as the national currency, with all the associated debts. Scotland could be far better served by its own currency, especially if its creation was restricted to that issued by a State body such as its own bank, and its issue into circulation was made by crediting its government with any new money needed, to then be spent into circulation.

This could still be done, despite the No vote, with the new currency then exchangeable for Sterling, just as Pounds can coexist with Euros, as happens at retailers at the port towns and on the cross-chanel ferries, for instance.

This would be a direct challenge, however, to the psychopaths at the top of the pyramid of power in the world, who are happy to lie and distort the news on the corporate-controlled media to ‘justify’ the ousting of a democratically elected government, in Ukraine, and the installation by force of a new government, then to accuse Russia of aggression against this illegitimate government, when it assists the Ukrainians resisting it, and supports the many refugees fleeing to Russia. This is, of course, just the latest in a long string of such terrorist action by the USA and its CIA, along with Nato, Britain and other ‘allies’.

To find the truth about the world conflicts is now easier than ever before, since the development of the Internet, though this has a surfeit of information to sort out.

One guide in judging the reliability of the information on offer is to ask yourself ‘Cui bono’ – Who benefits? – How is the site funded? This gives me confidence in such sites as Global Research, since this site eschews all corporate funding, and relies exclusively on a multitude of small donations from viewers – as also does MediaLens.

-- Brian Leslie


“When exercising the powers and carrying out the tasks and duties conferred upon them by this Treaty and the Statutes of the ESCB, neither the ECB, nor a national central bank, nor any member of their decision making bodies shall seek or take instructions from Community institutions or bodies, from any government of a Member State or from any other body. The Community institutions and bodies and the governments of the Member States undertake to respect this principle and not to seek to influence the members of the decision making bodies of the ECB or of the national central banks in the performance of their tasks."

The Maastricht Treaty: Monetary Policy Article 107