1: Editorial

The attention among the ‘establishment’ figures to the issue of monetary reform is fast-growing. One of the most recent examples is in ‘Money Week, in its issue of 2 May. Matthew Partridge’s one-page article on ‘Fractional Reserve Banking’ notes Martin Wolf’s comments and those of the IMF’s Jaromir Benes and Michael Kumhof on the 1930s ‘Chicago Plan.

However, his thinking is limited, as are those others’, by the narrow concern with avoiding instability and liquidity crises, and welcoming the potential to ‘boost growth by 10%’. Missing, as well as concern for continuing growth in a finite world, is recognition of the increasing levels of inequality, and the root cause of this in the usurious nature of the money system.

The campaigning goup, Critical Thinking - [email protected] - has uploaded a file setting out its analysis of the changes needed to our ‘economy’ (what a misnomer!) at I can recommend a reading of it; and a subscription to its email list.

Three articles outlining the ‘other side’ concerning the Ukraine situation, worth reading and publicising, are at, and

Yet another article to recommend, but also far too long to include here, is what appears to be a well-informed analysis of the reasons behind the build-up to the present situation in the Ukraine:

…. And now we have the disappointing results of the latest elections. Regrettably, these were not entirely unexpected, given both the outrageous prominence given by the Establishment media, especially the BBC, to Farage and UKIP, while allowing the Green Party virtually no mention; and the timidity of the Party – its failure to promote its truly radical policies, which offer a realistic possibility of leading to a sustainable, leisurely, peaceful future, with fair sharing of the Earth’s resources without exhausting them. These should have been shouted out loud, to counter Farage’s outbursts!

Brian Leslie


New show “It’s Our Money” on PRN

-- noon PST/3pm EST every second Wednesday PST

Hi, Walt McRee and I just started a new radio program, “It’s Our Money,” on Progressive Radio Network at noon PST/3pm EST every second Wednesday (we’re working up to weekly!).

Today’s program features Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, our favorite activists. Listen at noon PST/3pm EST here.

Our first show, on March 12th, featured Professor Tim Canova, who is a wealth of knowledge on the Federal Reserve; and ended with an interview of public banking catalyst Mike Krauss. The archive is here.

Our second show, on March 26th, featured Professor Bob Hockett – also a wealth of knowledge — on the plan to take underwater mortgages by eminent domain and renegotiate them on behalf of homeowners. The archive is here.

Coming soon, journalist and author Nomi Prins, senior fellow at Demos, on her new book All the Presidents’ Bankers. Stay tuned! 

Also, don’t miss Katie Teague’s excellent documentary “Money and Life,” available as a DVD here and online here. It features public banking as a major solution, and lots of my favorite experts are in it, including Hazel Henderson, Tom Greco, Charles Eisenstein, and John Fullerton. I’m also in it. 

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