Volume 21

Number 6

December 2013

Main Contents

1 Editorial  
2 The Crime of Alleviating Poverty Ellen Brown
3 The Libyan Puzzle in the Scramble for Africa Sam Muhho
4 Book Review: What Went Wrong with Economics by Michael Reiss
5 Sequesters, Shutdowns and Defaults Stephen Zarlenga
6 Martial Law and the Economy Ellen Brown
7 World Bank Whistleblower Reveals How The Global Elite Rule The World Michael Snyder
8 Search Engine Manipulation Elizabeth Woodworth
9 What About Workers’ Share of Income? Alan Wheatley
10 The Bank Guarantee That Bankrupted Ireland Ellen Brown
11 Corporate Profits Soar Shamus Cooke
12 Public Banking in Costa Rica: A Remarkable Little-Known Model Ellen Brown
13 Violence: The American Way of Life John Kozy
14 The Armageddon Looting Machine Ellen Brown
15 General Elections in India: The Choice is “Globalization” or “More Globalization” Colin Todhunter