Volume 21 Number 4 August 2013

Main Contents

1 Editorial  
2 World Bank Insider Blows Whistle on Corruption, Federal Reserve
Alex Newman
3 inside-the-down-to-earth-economy
David Korten
4 Book review: The Heretic’s Guide to Global Finance
by Brett Scott
5 Development; Their way and ours
Frederick Trainer
6 Responsible localised leadership in Bristol
7 Washington Signals Dollar Deep Concerns

Paul Craig Roberts
8 A Land Value Tax: an idea whose time has come
Jack Chadwick
9 Spinning Out Of Control:
Lesley Docksey
10 The Tower of Basel
Ellen Brown
11 We Don’t Have To Be In Financial Crisis
Paul Craig Roberts
12 ‘The Planet Can’t Keep Doing Us A Favour’
David Cromwell
13 Book review: The Wealth of Commons: A World Beyond Market and State
David Bollier & Soilke Helfrich
14 Imperialism, The Cold War, and the Contradictions of Decolonization
Anthony Mustacich
15 Why all progressives should support a land value tax
17 Obama’s Master Class in Demagogy 101 Michael Hudson