At the recent Spring Conference of the Green Party of England and Wales a motion aroused strong objection from a group of ‘Young Greens’ who misunderstood the potential of the proposal, with the result that the motion has been ‘referred back’ to the Autumn Conference. This motion was to adopt the policy of ending the power of private banks to create money, along with interest-bearing debt, and have a State body create-and-spend into circulation all national money needed by its society. A well attended, well received fringe on it before the plenary had been addressed by Ben Dyson, of Positive Money, and Beth Stratford of FoE Scotland, without any apparent contribution to the debate by the outspoken ‘Young Greens’. Understanding and approval of the proposal among Conference attenders has been growing fast since the start of the crash in 2007, but it is difficult to spread our message to the wider Party.

Once this motion is passed, the Party will be in a unique position among the Parliamentary parties, in having a realistic solution to the ongoing financial crisis!

It seems to be incredibly difficult to persuade people that there is a vital difference in effect between a system in which money is brought into circulation by private banks when they create it to lend out at interest, and one in which it is created-and-spent into existence by the State.

The power of the ‘Establishment’ to manipulate public opinion is based on their vast accumulation of money, used effectively to bribe and threaten, so any challenge to the system is suppressed or misrepresented. If we do not succeed soon to spread our message on the needed basic reform, either the collapse of the system will lead to overt fascist takeover – the USA is well on the way to this! – or it will lead to complete breakdown and chaos. Our greatest hope must lie in the spread of the truth via the internet, as long as this can be kept free of corporate/government restrictions.

The ‘Money Masters’ and their paid servants among the political leaders are clearly psychopaths; they are happy to commit their states to illegal, obscenely destructive wars and to extremes of wealth and poverty, leading to starvation, as well as degradation of the natural resource-base on which we all depend.

More evidence is being unearthed almost daily that a global cartel of central bankers centred on the BIS – the Bank for International Settlements, in Basel, Switzerland – is working toward a world government of bankers. This is no ‘conspiracy theory’; it is conspiracy fact! What is not entirely clear, however, is how far the latest developments were planned and deliberate, or are the unintended but inevitable consequence of the nature of the debt-based money system. Either way, it is urgent to build public awareness and demand fundamental change – as many former ‘insiders’ are realising, and speaking out.

Brian Leslie