Volume 21

Number 1

February 2013

Main Contents

1 Editorial  
2 A trillion pounds is a lot of money.
3 Economists and the One-Percent Michael Hudson
4 The Mayan 2012 Prophecy: The Orwellian “End of the World”
Michel Chossudovsky
5 Fiscal Cliff: Time to Call Their Bluff Ellen Brown
6 A Psychopathology of the Con-Dems
Dr. D. Crumpeydump
7 Above the Law: Fraudulent and Criminal Global Banking System
Barry Grey
8 A Public Bank for Scotland Could Ensure Economic Sovereignty
Ellen Brown
9 ......Death Of A Hero
David Cromwell
10 Impeach Obama!
Tom Santoni
11 Alaska-style dividend under discussion in at least five states and nations
Karl Widerquist
12 The Democratization of Money:
Ellen Brown
13 Frenzy in the Gold Market
Michel Chossudovsky
14 What Would a Trillion-dollar Coin Mean? Stephen Zarlenga

Archbishop William Temple argued in a debate in the Royal Albert Hall in 1942 that justice was more important than comfort, and the “profit motive” should never be allowed to predominate. “There is no harm,” he admitted, “in the profit motive as such”; it was to be condemned only when it comes first in economic activity, when it was the priority. Profit should have a purpose beyond itself. “In my judgment at least it should now be regarded as improper for any private person or corporation to issue new credit; as it was in the Middle Ages for any private person or corporation to mint actual money, for the two are equivalent. And so I should like, I confess, to see the banks limited in their ending power to sums equivalent to that which depositors have entrusted to them, and all new credit to be issued by some public authority.”

—Archbishop William Temple