Volume 19 Number 6 December 2011

Main Contents

0 Editorial  
1 Time for an Economic Bill of Rights Ellen Brown
2 Publicly-owned Banks as an Instrument of Economic Development: The German Model Ellen Brown
3 Book Review:No More National Debt by Bill Still
4 Book Review:Understanding the Financial System by Frances Hutchinson
5 Part 2: What We Must Learn from Social Credit William Krehm
6 Campaigner tells banks: 'If I owe you money, prove it'  
7 Can the Fed Prevent the Next Crisis by Eliminating Interest on Student Loan Debt? Ellen Brown
8 The High Cost of Burying Our History W. Krehm
9 In memoriam: Richard Douthwaite
10 War Worldwide... had enough yet?
Global Research
11 How Did the Robot End Up With My Job? Thomas L. Friedman
12 The Affliction of Comfort Frank Bruni
13 U.S. Budget: Super Committee Deadlock – Heads They Win, Tails We Lose Ellen Brown
14 The Celebrated News Sources of a Unified World are Now being Blocked as a Technique of Espionage W.K.
15 Bilderberg Leader Mario Monti Takes Over Italy in "Coup" Alex Newman
16 Asia-Pacific: US Ramps Up Global War Agenda Finian Cunningham
17 Towards a World War III Scenario: Reverse the Tide. Say NO to Global Warfare Michel Chossudovsky

Archbishop William Temple argued in a debate in the Royal Albert Hall in 1942 that justice was more important than comfort, and the "profit motive" should never be allowed to predominate. "There is no harm," he admitted, "in the profit motive as such"; it was to be condemned only when it comes first in economic activity, when it was the priority. Profit should have a purpose beyond itself. "In my judgment at least it should now be regarded as improper for any private person or corporation to issue new credit; as it was in the Middle Ages for any private person or corporation to mint actual money, for the two are equivalent. And so I should like, I confess, to see the banks limited in their lending power to sums equivalent to that which depositors have entrusted to them, and all new credit to be issued by some public authority."