Ben Dyson and Ben Curtis; Positive Money

Last year, three small charitable trusts provided the funds we needed to set up Positive Money and start campaigning to challenge the power and vested interests of the big banks.

In the ten months since, we've come from nowhere to advising the BBC and Channel 4, debating against the chair of the British Bankers' Association at Oxford Uni and having meetings with the Independent Commission on Banking and the Treasury. We've developed reforms that would prevent future banking crises and help to reduce debt, poverty, economic chaos and environmental destruction.

But the funding won't last forever. Over the next 3 months we need to raise enough to make this movement sustainable for the long-term. We're the only campaign that's calling for real fundamental changes to the banks, and there's a lot of work to be done, but we're up for the challenge.


The Finance Lab have helped us to secure a small office for the first few months. Right now it's a base for volunteers like Drew and Mariya, who have spent the last 6 weeks trawling through Bank of England papers to get to the bottom of how banks really create money out of nothing. (This research has never been done before in this level of detail and it's invaluable in helping economists, academics and policy makers understand the real problems in the financial system.)

Having the space for volunteers to do research or film and produce videos is essential to the campaign going forwards.

We got a really good deal on the office - nearly half the usual market rate. That means that if just 50 people can make a regular monthly donation, we'll be able to keep the office and keep using it as a hub for the campaign over the next year.

So if you think we should continue campaigning for a banking system that works in the interests of real people rather than the banks, and a system where money isn't created exclusively by banks (forcing the rest of us into debt), and you can help, then please consider making a monthly donation to help us keep this hub for campaign volunteers.

We're currently 20% of the way to making the campaign sustainable for the long-term. We're making applications to large charitable funders all the time, but it really depends on regular donations to make sure that we can plan ahead and keep challenging the power and vested interests of the banks.

Thanks for your support.

P.S. After setting up your donation, if you send us a photo we'll put it on our Positive Money Wall of Fame' in the office!

Phone: 0207 253 3235