Book Review:


The Global Economic Crisis

The Great Depression of the XXI Century

Ed. Michel Chossudovski and Andrew Gavin Marshall – Global Research, 2010 –

A compilation of 20 chapters contributed by 16 well-informed authors, including some by the editors, this book covers a wide range of different but inter-related aspects of its subject, including the historical origins and indications of possible and probable future developments. Each chapter is followed by its own extensive notes and references.

The introductory paragraph of its Preface forms a concise summary of its message:

"In all major regions of the world, the economic recession is deep-seated, resulting in mass unemployment, the collapse of state social programs and the impoverishment of millions of people. The economic crisis is accompanied by a worldwide process of militarisation, a "war without borders" led by the United States of America and its NATO allies. The conduct of the Pentagon's "long war" is intimately related to the restructuring of the global economy."

The book outlines the history of the people and organisations which have been building toward a corporate world government, over the last 2-3 centuries, based on financial power, and the growth of power of the (mostly private) central banks of the world, coordinated by their own central bank, the Bank for International Settlements, or BIS – despite the destructive trade and military wars it provokes and massive 'collateral damage' to the 'third world', the economy and environment, and increasingly, to the 'middle classes' of the 'first world', as well as to its 'working classes'.

It is arranged in five parts: The Global Economic Crisis; Global Poverty; National Security and World Government; The Global monetary System; and The Shadow Banking System. The topics of each, however, show considerable overlap, especially in the history of their development.

As claimed on its back cover, "Each of the authors in this timely collection digs beneath the gilded surface to reveal a complex web of deceit and media distortion which serves to conceal the workings of the global economic system and its devastating impacts on people's lives."

All in all, a book to be highly recommended, especially to those who accuse as 'conspiracy theorists' anyone questioning the Establishment version of events. Many of the multitude of overlapping conspiracies are laid bare for all to see!

Brian Leslie