Volume 18 Number 3 May 2010

Main Contents

1 Editorial
3 Stock Market Collapse: More Goldman Market Rigging? Ellen Brown
4 Electronic currencies to boost local businesses
5 Is The Sky Falling?
R.W. Zimmerer
6 One of the Many Useful Concepts
William Krehm
7 Student Loans: The Government Is Now Officially in the Banking Business
Ellen Brown
8 Eliminating Risk by Suppressing What had been Learned at Staggering Cost
9 Book review: The Future of Money
by Mary Mellor
10 Proposed Bank of England Act
11 Is it all Greek to you?
Ronald J. Rankin
12 Changed Social Topography Leaves Trail of Traumatic Problems
William Krehm
13 More Than Just Money Depends on the Banks Being Able to Lavish Bonuses on Top Bankers
William Krehm
14 Goldman’s Computerized Front Running & Financial Fraud
Ellen Brown
15 On Catastrophes and Renewal
William Krehm
16 “Drop Dead Economics”: The Financial Crisis in Greece and the European Union
Michael Hudson
17 The Wizard: A whole new kind of Oz for our times David Boyle