Volume 18 Number 2 April 2010

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The Public Credit

Chris Cook
3 What Goes Around Comes Around
4 Managing Growth and Creating an Economy to Serve People Gordon Coggins
5 What Will the Effect on Our Society Be of the High-speed Railways that are Taking Over in Key Lands?
6 Wall Street’s War against Main Street America
Michael Hudson
7 Cameron’s removal of the transfusion of public credit could kill the patient Chris Cook
8 Poor George Soros Wants To Destroy European Currency Again  
9 AIG-Gate: The World’s Greatest Insurance Heist
Ellen Brown
10 While Obama Talks Reining in Financial Gambles, Split-second Derivative Trading is Achieving Outer Space Pattern
11 Unitax
Farel Bradbury
12 Whose Bank? Public Investment, Not Private Debt
Ellen Brown
13 Brewing up a Deadly, Toxic Recipe for Economic Disaster
michael payne
14 Book review: Factor Five
by Ernst von Weizsäcker
15 Basic Money Magic
R.W. Zimmerer
16 New Problems Disguised as Solutions William Krehm