Volume 17 - Number 5 - October 2009

Main Contents

1 Editorial    
2 Crisis and Hope Noam Chomsky
3 Book review: The End of Money by Thomas H Greco, Jr
5 China’s Miracle Economy Ellen Brown
6 “Wall Street’s 9/11” Ellen Brown
7 In the Convulsing World Economy, to Make Enough Sense to Keep Going, Social Infrastructures Must be Regarded as Social Investment W.K.
8 Government Money Creation Inflationary? AMI
9 On Shortening the Delay in Refunding the Economy W.K.
10 The Injustice of Carbon Offsets Vandana Shiva
11 Credit Bubbles in India’s Slums Economic Reform
12 Are Regulators Getting Tougher on Banks or Just on Their Clients?
13 Number-crunching as Opposed to Analysis Bill Krehm
14 Book Review: Local Food by Tamzin Pinkerton and Rob Hopkins
15 Why States Going into the Banking Business Would be a Distraction, not a Solution to their Fiscal Problem Jamie Walton