Volume 17 - Number 4 - August 2009

Main Contents

1 Editorial    
2 Let the Sun Shine In: California Could Be the Golden State Again Ellen Brown
3 Book review: Where the Other Half Lives Sarah Glynn (Ed.)
4 Big Brother in Basel Ellen Brown
5 Money from Nothing James Robertson
6 End All Taxes -- Except One The Georgist News
7 4 Book reviews by James Robertson:  
    (1) AGENDA FOR A NEW ECONOMY by David Korten
    (2) THE END OF MONEY and the FUTURE OF CIVILIZATION by Thomas Greco
    (3) MONEY MATTERS by David Boyle
    (4) ETHICAL PROSPECTS by Laszlo Zsolnai (ed)
8 MONEY IN THE BANK Clive Rosher
9 The American Empire Is Bankrupt Chris Hedges
  The Retreat of the Shadow Lenders Ellen Brown
10 Book Review: Voluntary Carbon Markets Written and Edited by Ricardo Bayon, Amanda Hawn and Katherine Hamilton
11 Reflections on the Double-edged Powers of the Internet William Krehm
12 The Financial Collapse Explained David Howells
13 US Security Must Not Miss the Perils of Abusive Reporting of Neighbours’ Institutions Economic Reform
14 California’s Empty Wallet: Turning Crisis into Opportunity Ellen Brown
15 Economic Essentials for Dummies Brian Leslie
16 An Added Dimension of Trouble in the Auto Industry’s Future W.K.
17 Globalization Regurgitated Economic Reform
18 Predators - Ancient and Modern David Weston