13   Food Crisis And The Financial System

Eric V. Encina

Because of the worsening food crisis in the Philippines and as aggravated by deeply entrenched financial-economic crisis and nasty-muddy politics under the present debt money system, poor Filipino families, men, women, fathers, mothers, children are lining up for foods  from  government small subsidy in most Philippine provinces and mostly in the capital region of Metro Manila.

The shortage of local Filipino rice and the costly price of imported price of Vietnam and Thailand rice, and the increasing cost production or price of bread, is devastating to poor Filipino families that gets them deeper in the dungeon of poverty and despair.

This is the Penalty and or a repercussion of the prioritizing the payment of interest to IMF and WB for 33 years; a penalty for neglecting the Philippine agricultural or farming system and for giving priority to GMO multinational's chemically-based farming. This is also the penalty of EXPORTING rice and best food products of the country to foreign markets and or to world markets to earn FOREIGN CURRENCIES particularly in US$ to pay interest to foreign/bilateral and multilateral debts that are mostly odious and unrepayable. We have come to the point that the country has paid more than too much that nations debts  in now in TRILLION OF PESOS and going on at the cost of human life, simultaneously life-soul-destroying for successive generations including the unborn.

TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM OF HUNGER AND FOOD SHORTAGE IN THE PHILIPPINES, I have the following proposals before it could be totally catastrophic.
1. STOP PAYMENT OF INTEREST to foreign debts
2. Stop borrowing
3. Create our own money debt free
4. Distribute extra basic income or supplementary basic income or citizen's income to every citizen
5. Stop excessive exportation of Philippine products
6. Prioritize agricultural or farming development in the villages and in the countryside
7. Provide annual subsidy to the poor farming families for local development
8. Allow groups of families or communities or assist them to have their own local community currency without any barriers or hindrances
9. The national peso currency must be raise its value and prices of basic needs down.
10. Reduce if not abolish too much political parties that divide peoples.
11. Filipinos must unite for the common good.
12. Reduce the level of brain drain.

Things are so serious and we have to think constructively and positively for our country. We need to be more well-able to address the problems if we will introduce, legislate and implement  Monetary Reform Scheme, Basic income or citizen's income  policy and proposal for monetary reform in the Philippines, then we can save Filipinos suffering hunger, poverty and insecurity.

I welcome comments.

Thank you.

Eric V. Encina
Filipino Monetary Reformer/BI/CI Campaigner-Activist
Filipino Alternative Solutions For Sustainable Survival Movement
c/o Lito Alhambra Old House, Homesite, Km2, Brgy. Lawa-an,
PO box 8, 5800 Roxas City, Capiz, Philippines
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