The need to get monetary reform accepted into Green Party policy can be seen as urgent, given recent developments in the USA, UK and worldwide, as the rapidly-growing debt-mountain threatens to collapse ‘economies’ everywhere into chaos, yet the need to contract the ‘economy’ smoothly to sustainable levels to minimise global warming and to stop squandering resources cannot be achieved without monetary reform. However, the MRPWG has decided not to introduce any motion on it to the next Spring Conference.

The reasons for this decision are that if the motion is defeated, under Party rules, it cannot be brought back for another two years; yet, even if successful, it would then form part of the current Economy section of the Party’s MfSS – its policy manual, the Manifesto for a Sustainable Society – which is currently subject to a full redrafting process over the next year or two, which if passed, would replace the present section; so unless we succeed in getting monetary reform also incorporated into the new text, it would then be deleted; but a defeat next Spring would bar us from arguing for it in the new section. We therefore intend to concentrate our efforts on the development of the new Economy section.

Meanwhile, unfolding world events should strongly back our arguments!

May I urge all Party members who are not on the Party’s economics email discussion list – [email protected] – to join it and add their contributions to the ongoing discussion?

On page 173 is reported the formation of a new ‘Green Fiscal Commission’. This is certainly to be welcomed, and we must hope that it both forms valid Green proposals for changes, and that Government will listen!

This, of course, does nothing to diminish the importance of the related issue of monetary reform. Indeed, if this were included in its deliberations, it would radically affect the levels of taxation judged to be needed!

– Brian Leslie