1   Editorial

We live in a time of social breakdown, as well as increasingly urgent need for fundamental reform of the way we live – if we, or following generations, are to continue to live!

It becomes increasingly clear, day by day, that a deadly combination of a self-serving, short-sighted power elite, in control of the media, and an apathetic, naive general population, prepared to swallow the lies and distortions of the truth put forward to ‘justify’ the policies of that elite, is the obstacle we must destroy if human – and other – life on this planet is to continue. We must escape the Matrix!

On this theme, I reprint the Medialens mailing of 23 July on page 105. Many/most of the other articles also throw light on this.

I reproduce on the back page my aim in producing this magazine. Another World is Possible – if enough people can be woken up to reality.

I still have copies of the DVD, Money as Debt, for sale now at £6 inc. p&p – as reviewed in SustEc 14/6 and 15/3.


To complete the record of events leading to the severing of the connection between this journal and the Economics Policy Working Group of the Green Party of England and Wales, I print below the response form Alistair McConnachie, which I received too late to include in the last edition.

I should add that while I do not agree with all of Alistair’s views on related topics, I have no fundamental problem with the views he has expressed in connection with the monetary reform movement.

– Brian Leslie


Dear Brian,

Thanks for sending the April issue of Sustainable Economics.

I am sorry to hear that you have been subjected to this apparent "witch-hunt", and even more surprised and sorry to see that it appears to be all on the basis of malicious and unsubstantiated rumours about myself!

I am concerned that some people may have read your article and come away with the thought that I have "holocaust-denying views". Well, I don’t have such views and I hope you will allow me to make that clear in your publication.

Let me address the main points of concern raised about me in your article.

Firstly, you mention that Mariam Kennett said that I had "extreme right-wing views ". I don’t know specifically to what she is referring, so I can’t comment other than to say that, like most of us, I have views on a very wide variety of issues and I don’t regard any of them as "extreme-anything "!

I’ve published 75 issues of Prosperity, so far, and I would challenge anyone to show where I have said anything "extreme " either right-wing or left-wing, or hostile to any group of people! Indeed, I am a little disappointed that these misinformed people in the Green Party don’t regard these 75 fruits of my labours as evidence enough of my good-intentions to all the world’s peoples. Oh well, that’s life!

I also publish monthly magazine, Sovereignty, now in its 94th issue, and I am more political in there, but again, nothing that I would consider "extreme "! Some of my articles can be read on my Sovereignty website, below.

Secondly, you state that Derek Wall claims I was expelled from UKIP in 2001. He is simply wrong! Rather, my membership was not renewed, which is a different matter entirely.

Thirdly, you say Wall further claims it was "for holocaust-denial ". He is wrong again -- surprise, surprise! Ultimately, and importantly, there was never any suggestion that the failure to grant renewal of my membership was because of particular political opinions or "holocaust-denial " views on my behalf.

I explain the story fully in my recently published 2,000 word web-article about this incident, entitled, "Answering the Allegations" which I wrote and posted prior to my standing at the Scottish Election on May 3rd.

My article can be found on Follow the links to the Independent Green Voice Manifesto 2007. Alternatively, the direct link is

Anyone who wants a hard copy can contact me directly at Alistair McConnachie, 268 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 4JR.

Best wishes,

Alistair McConnachie