Volume 15       Number 2    April 2007


Main Contents

1    Editorial


3    HERE'S THE COST ... AND HERE'S HOW TO PAY FOR IT     Frank Taylor

4    THE US AND THE IMF    Eric V. Encina

5    Are Our Governments Slipping into the Role of Subprime Borrowers?     William Krehm

6    The Boom is over, the price must yet be paid     Ashley Seager

7    The need to invest heavily against climate change     Ian Greenwood

8    In China Lessons Come Loud and Big     W.K.

9    Subsidised Theft    Resurgence

10    Some "Extraordinary Popular Delusions"     Keith Wilde

11    Monetary Light for Beating the Heat?     Keith Wilde

12    Selected extracts from The Georgist News

13    Economic Terrorism or Adam Smith Revisited     William Krehm

14    Congressman Lindbergh    The Georgist News

15    The Trouble with Economists    John Hotson