Editorial: At the recent Green Party conference, it was decided by its Economics Policy Working Group’s fringe meeting that it no longer wished to have a newsletter, but I was encouraged to continue to produce it, as an independent publication; so that is what I propose to do, given the continuing support of my subscribers – and, hopefully, of future new ones.

Please send me material for consideration for publication; note, though, that as before, I am unpaid for my efforts, and cannot offer payment for contributions for publication.

I particularly hope that the Green Party members among my subscribers will do all they can to encourage other members to subscribe, and to spread the message to other Party members, of the urgent need to reform the way our money is created and enters circulation; I intend to reintroduce a motion on this to the next Spring Conference of the Party, and hope for a better informed membership by then.

Unfortunately, there seems to be no way to get such ideas debated widely in the Party, except by individual effort.

I now have a further batch of the DVDs, Money as Debt, for sale at £8.50 inc. p&p – as reviewed in SustEc 14/6. Another review of it will be included in the next issue.

– Brian Leslie