Volume 14       Number 3         June 2006

Main Contents

1    Editorial

2    Book review: When Corporations Rule the World  by David C Korten     Brian Leslie

3    Monetary reform     simpol.org.uk

4    Scarcity and Diversity     Bob Young

5    Here We Go Again!!     John H. Hotson

6    Russia’s Population Shrinks     William Krehm

7    A Well of Hypocrisy     George Monbiot

8    On the Blogger Front at Home and Abroad     W.K

9    The Struggle Against Ourselves     George Monbiot

10    On Infrastructures — A Shocking Test Case in South Africa’s HIV Survival Jungle
    William Krehm

11    Madama Butterfly in the Job Lines     W.K.

12    Britain's Most Selfish People     George Monbiot

13    The Free Rider Syndrome     Dix Sandbeck

14    Book review: How to be Rich By Kevin Jackson     Brian Leslie

15    Separating Work and Income     Rudolf Steiner

16    Hixson’s Helix: The True Inflation Spiral     C.O.M.E.R.