Volume 13         Number 1         February 2005

Main Contents


1    Land Value Taxation     Richard Bramhall

2    Using common resources to solve common problems     James Robertson

3    Bk. rev.: Growth – The Celtic Cancer: Why the Global Economy Damages our Health and Society   Brian Leslie

4    A Deadly Reversal     George Monbiot

5    Book review: From Marshall Plan to Debt Crisis — Foreign Aid and Development Choices in the World Economy     William Krehm

6    America’s Foes Prepare for Monetary Jihad     Janet Bush

7    Changing the Climate of Opinion     Molly Scott Cato and Spencer FitzGibbon

8    FAT CATS TAX LAX     Schnews

9    How the Debt-based Monetary System Functions in Canada     Connie Fogal

10    The Coming Depression in China     David Gracey

11    ZanON and ON and ON!     Schnews

12    Indian Attitudes to Trade - from our experiences     James Bruges

13    America's War with Itself     George Monbiot

14    Road Hogs     George Monbiot

15    The Municipalities Fight Back     Gordon Coggins & George Crowell