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sanity, humanity and science

17:  post-autistic economics review

Issue no. 28, 25 October 2004              Subscribers: 7,614 in approximately 145 countries

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In this issue:

 - Symposium on  Reorienting Economics

This and the next four or five  issues of the PAER will be  devoted in part to debate on and  discussion of Tony Lawson’s new  book Reorienting Economics. The  intention is for his book to serve  as a focal point for a general  discussion on the reform of  economics.
                                                                                   Geoffrey M.  Hodgson

On the Problem of Formalism in Economics
                                                                                  Irene van Staveren

Feminism and Realism: A contested relationship
                                                                                  Bruce Caldwell

Some Comments on  Lawson’s Reorienting  Economics: Same facts,  different conclusions
                                                                                 Goodwin, Nelson,  Ackerman and  Weisskopf

A Post-Autistic Introduction to Economic  Behaviour
                                                                                 Peter Söderbaum

 Sweden Debates the  Future of Economics’  “Nobel”

Two Announcements:

There has been a PAE  reform of the economics  curriculum at the Sorbonne  (Paris I)  

“At our university (the leading one  for economics in France) we have  succeeded in cutting back the  programs of micro, macro and  maths, something that would have  been inconceivable a few years  ago. This is in the aid of an  approach more open, more  multidisciplinary. The  ‘orthodoxes’ have rather easily  given way, having, despite every- thing, interiorized the arguments  advanced against them. In the  colloquiums and in the press they  have felt obliged to justify what  they do, thereby admitting at least  in part the aptness of the ‘anti  autistes’ criticisms.”
                                                                                  Bernard Guerrien

Invitation to join a heterodox economics e-mail list

I run an e-mail list that distributes  information that is of interest to  heterodox economists around the  world.  I try to restrict the e-mails  to one every 2-3 weeks.  The  e-mails generally take the form of  a description of a heterodox  conference I have been to, brief  comments on various heterodox  economic activity around the  world, and perhaps a brief  obituary of a heterodox economist who has died.  Then the rest  of the e-mail provides information that I think are of interest to  heterodox economists on newly  published books, new journals,  job announcements, call for  papers of conferences that are of  interest to heterodox economists,  seminars, and distribution of  information on heterodox  journals, graduate programs, and  other things.  Nearly all of the  material I send out has been sent  to me by heterodox economists  who want me to make it known  to the economists on my e-mail  list.  Thus, if you have any thing  you want to send out that you  think is of interest to heterodox  economists, please send it to me  at [email protected] and I'll send it  out.  If you would like to be part  of this e-mail list, please send me  your e-mail address.  If you find  the material I send not matching  your interests, you can just e-mail  me and ask me to take your name  off the list--and I will immediately.  If you have a questions please  e-mail me.


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