Invitation to the
Green Economics Conference

 hosted by the Green Economics Institute

Saturday 22nd January                at Reading International Solidarity Centre           11-6 pm

and Call for Papers to the Conference and articles for Sustainable  Economics magazine and articles for the International Journal of Green  Economics.

11-6, with communal dinner afterwards to celebrate the inauguration of the  Institute.

Please come to the Green Economics Conference hosted by the  newly formed Green Economics Institute, in connection with the  Green Economy Policy Working Group, and Sustainable Economics.

This is a brand new organisation which has been founded just to  promote Green Economics.

The Conference is hosted by the newly registered Green Economics  Institute, whose Directors are Volker Heinemann and Miriam  Kennet.

The conference will be an opportunity to present papers in work- shops and plenaries, to hear leading thinkers in the field, to prepare  papers/articles for the International Journal of Green Economics, a  new academic journal, edited by Miriam Kennet, in conjunction with  an academic publishing house; also at the conference: the Managing  Director of the radical publishing house, Pluto Press, who recently  published Dr Caroline Lucas’ and Mike Woodin’s book. Pluto Press  will be looking for new authors to add to their portfolio.

Don’t miss this opportunity to find a suitable and radical publisher for  your ideas. There will be the opportunities to debate all the usual  issues of Green Economics including growth, eco taxes, oil, war, the  arms trade, climate change, land value tax.

For more information please look on the web site


To reserve your place at the conference and to request a slot in a  plenary or workshop, please email email [email protected]

Send a cheque for £10.00 to Miriam Kennet, 6 Strachey Close,  Tidmarsh, Reading, RG8 8EP. Tel. 07990 590463.

If you would like to attend the dinner, please send additional cheque  for £10.00.




Green Economics Institute

Miriam Kennet

The Green Economics Institute was launched to  bring green-thinking into one of  the most important areas of  politics, with the intention of  making a fundamental impact on  the mainstream economic debate.

Economics is in fact a social  science and an important one at  that. Its true function ought to be  to enhance the quality of life for  as many people as possible on the  planet whilst having regard to the  needs of the planet and other  non human species.

The exploration of economics  should be into what constitutes  quality of life and human happiness and how it can be achieved  given that our home is the earth and has finite resources. Without  such a truly objective long-term  goal, based securely on a strategy  derived from green thinking, it is  no surprise that the existing  economic discipline is far away  from explaining realities and  shaping our future convincingly  and constructively.

The Green Economics Institute is  already drawing from a world- wide pool of expertise, including  radical publishers, university  lecturers, campaigners, community  workers, writers, politicians and  other green thinking people

The Institute is preparing its own  academic refereed journal, called  ‘The International Journal of Green  Economics’ and will also be publishing on topics relevant to the  establishment of a green economics discipline.

If you'd like to participate, join the  institute or find out more please  visit the web site at www. greeneconomics. or email  [email protected] .com

Miriam Kennet


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