Volume 12        Number 3          June 2004

Main Contents

  1  Editorial

  2  Get back to the roots!             SC editorial

  3  Corporate law and structures              Rebecca Spencer

  4  Low Hanging Fruit            George Monbiot

  5  Localisation – coming soon wherever you are            Andrew Simms, Caroline Lucas and Mike Woodin

  6  Book Review:   A Citizens’ Income         Clive Lord

  7  When Half-empty Is Not Half-full         William Krehm

  8  Bank Operates Without Interest     Simon Collins

  9  Ruminations on The Corporation      Gordon Coggins

10  Belated Opening of the US Oil File      William Krehm

11  Money Illusions      David Gracey

12  China Bubble — Next Bust?        W.K.

13  Victim’s Licence       George Monbiot

14  Seeing Ourselves in China’s Mirror       William Krehm

15  Home Investment by Partnership Rent     Bill Powell

16  Book Review:   The Political Economy of Social Credit and Guild Socialism      William Krehm

17  Taxation and the Environment      HGF