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WHAT MATTERS -151 e-mail list — November 5, 2003

Boudewijn Wegerif

$10,000 BILLION INVESTMENT IN POWER NEEDED — "Private investors and governments will have to invest $10,000 billion in the world's power sector in the next 30 years, according to a study from the International Energy Agency to be released early next month.

More than $2,000bn of the investment would have to be made in China, the fastest-growing consumer of energy in the world. Theestimates are the result of a two-year study by the IEA , which comprises the world's largest energy-consuming countries. - - - Electricity makes up more than 50 per cent of the overall investment needed in energy, with oil and gas making up the second largest need and coal occupying a small slice."

SOURCE:Carola Hoyos, Financial Times (UK) Energy Correspondent, October 19, 2003

$1,800 BILLION NEEDED FOR U.S. INFRASTRUCTURE - "The American Society of Civil Engineers' 1998 Report for America's Infrastructure is an unanswerable indictment of the current way America's monetary resources are allocated. The Report graded 10 major infrastructure categories and estimated how much money is needed to remedy the ills:"

The total arrived at is $1.800 billion, for spending on the repair of roads  ($357 billion), schools ($172 billion), waste water ($140), drinking water ($138 billion), mass transit, aviation, dams, waste management (the rest).

"On the face of it, this seems to provide further evidence that the most powerful country in the world, the largest economy in the world, the country which regards itself as the oldest and finest democracy in the world, is bent on self-destruction - without most Americans, along with most non-Americans, being aware of it." –James Cumes,   (clipped from

PUTTING THE $87 BILLION WANTED FOR IRAQ IN PERSPECTIVE — "The $87 billion buy that is wanted by the friends of Bush to rebuild Iraq to their profitable satisfaction is enough to pay the 3.3 million people who have lost jobs under George W. Bush $26,363 each! It is more than the combined total of all state budget deficits in the United States! It is 87 times the amount the federal government spends on after school programs!"

— From an E-letter distributed by Michael Moore on September 17, 2003 — - [email protected]

COMMENT: Now relate this $87 billion to the $1,800 billion wanted for U.S. infrastructure in 1998 already and the $10,000 billion wanted<Story::CGlyphBreak>for power in a world that is $100,000 billion in debt (as per the next item) to an essentially private-run, debt based money system.

GLOBALLY THERE IS $100 TRILLION DEBT OUTSTANDING — but only $33 trillion of income with which to repay those debts. - - -

When capital flows shift away from the US, for example, into Euros, interest rates will be raised, debt costs will soar, defaults and bankruptcies will increase and the "tipping point" will be reached" – at which the "bubble" of financial assets exceeds GDP by 9 times. The latest official US government statistics show that mortgage debt rose in the previous year by a staggering $700 Billion, to $6,219 Trillion, in the first quarter of 2003. That is double the increase in the 1990s. At the same time, personal bankruptcies in the US rose in the last quarter by 9.0% more than in the same period in 2002; business bankruptcies in two successive quarters rose by 5.9%. - figures drawn from The Real World Economic Outlook, published by The New Economics Foundation in England.


$5 BILLION IRAQ RE-BUILDING CASH 'GOES MISSING' — "A new Iraq scandal erupted today as a report claimed billions of dollars earmarked for rebuilding the country have vanished after being handed to the United States-controlled governing body in Baghdad. At least $5 billion (£3bn) has been passed to the ruling Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA), a leading UK aid agency has calculated. But only a fifth of those development funds have been accounted for, figures unearthed by Christian Aid show. And that missing four billion dollar "black hole" will double by the end of the year unless the CPA's accounts are made public." - From Iraq Rebuilding Cash 'Goes Missing' by Bill Jacobs, The Scotsman, October 23

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EXTRACT FROM EATING FOSSIL FUELS, BY DALE PFEIFFER — "Between 1945 and 1994, energy input to agriculture increased 4-fold while crop yields only increased 3-fold.

Total fossil fuel use in the United States has increased 20-fold in the last 4 decades. In the US, we consume 20 to 30 times more fossil fuel energy per capita than people in developing nations. Agriculture directly accounts for 17% of all the energy used in this country. As of 1990, we were using approximately 1,000 liters (6.41 barrels) of oil to produce food off one hectare of land.

"It takes 500 years to replace 1 inch of topsoil. In a natural environment, topsoil is built up by decaying plant matter and weathering rock, and it is protected from erosion by growing plants. In soil made susceptible by agriculture, erosion is reducing productivity up to 65% each year. Former prairie lands, which constitute the bread basket of the United States, have lost one half of their topsoil after farming for about 100 years. This soil is eroding 30 times faster than the natural formation rate.

"As a result, the remaining topsoil is increasingly depleted of nutrients. Soil erosion and mineral depletion removes about $20 billion worth of plant nutrients from U.S. agricultural soils every year. Much of the soil in the Great Plains is little more than a sponge into which we must pour hydrocarbon-based fertilizers in order to produce crops."

Dale Pfeiffer regards the 5,000 word article, from which the above is extracted as the most important he has ever written. Every fact and statistic is sourced in the original. The whole article is available at

It was posted to the Energy Resources group by Pfeiffer himself and the archives of that group are public.

WHEN WILL WE BE RUNNING ON EMPTY? — "Authoritative data from the oil industry indicates that from about 2009 on (perhaps as early as 2005), there will be a permanent 3% (or more) per year decline of output from the world's now-emptying global oil fields.

Calculations show that alternative sources of energy are severely inadequate and inflexible. The world's 11,000 airliners cannot run on nuclear, or coal or windmills. And the alternatives would cost billions, require land, take years, and require ...fuel. It seems that from now on, energy scarcity will bring major global recession, food shortages, fighting over resources, and (literally) billions of human deaths."

– From introduction to the 'Running on Empty' Yahoo Group – at

WE ARE THE AGGRESSORS. WE ARE THE IMPERIALISTS — "It is perfectly obvious that we, as a nation, are in denial. In a big way. We will believe virtually any lie (or at least convince ourselves that we believe), no matter how thoroughly that lie has been discredited, just so long as we do not have to face the undeniable reality that our beloved, peace-loving, law-abiding nation is waging a brutal, illegal, unprovoked and completely unjustified war of aggression. We refuse to deal with the reality that America is not the hero of this story, even though the evidence is overwhelming. What that evidence says is that WE are the aggressors. WE are the imperialists. WE are the oppressors. WE are the occupiers. WE are the mass murderers. WE are the war criminals."

– Extract from Newsletter 43 of September 28 by Dave McGowan, posted at his web site, Center for an Informed America -

McGowan goes on to "make yet another attempt to convince the true believers in the crowd that the pyrotechnic show staged on September 11, 2001, was, in reality, a Washington production." Read his news letter and what other sceptics have to say through the links given at , and, yes, you will know, the harsh reality is that the World Trade Center towers were brought down in controlled demolitions and that it therefore follows that the entire operation was an inside job, planned well in advance.

THE ACID TEST FOR PRESIDENTIAL CHALLENGERS — While so many people are getting excited about one candidate or<Story::CGlyphBreak>another, From The Wilderness (FTW) has remained firm. They will not endorse any candidate who does not address all of these issues:

#  Peak Oil and Gas

#  US Government Complicity in 9/11

#  The Criminal Fabrication of Intelligence Justifying the Iraqi Invasion

#  More Than $3.3 Trillion in Tax-payer Money Stolen From US Treasury

#  Repeal of the Patriot Act, Mandatory Vaccination Laws, and Protection of Civil Liberties.

SOURCE: Beyond Bush 11 by Michael Ruppert, From the Wilderness -


The much longer article is offered freely for distribution and publication<Story::CGlyphBreak> and will be sent on request to Wanda at [email protected]

"By the end of last year, the 'official count' of unemployed workers around the world was a staggering 180 million people.  Another 550 million workers earn one dollar or less a day. At least a billion jobs need to be created globally over the next 10 years to absorb new workers and to reach the UN's objective of halving extreme poverty by 2015.

"- - - The divide between rich and poor Americans sees the richest one percent owning more wealth than the bottom 95%.  This division is mirrored with the relationship between large corporate CEO salaries and average employee wages, which has now reached the criminal ratio of 500 to 1.  America's 13,000 wealthiest families receive an income that is almost equal to what the poorest 20 million families earn.  There are now 9.4 million unemployed, three million more than before Bush became President. There are also predictions about good paying jobs being lost from the white-collar sector. Forrester Research Inc. predicts that at least 3.3 million information technology jobs will be lost to low-wage countries by 2015 with the expansion of digitization, the Internet and high-speed data networks."