Volume 10    Number 3    May 2002

Main Contents

2 Behind the Present Crisis of Globalization Yet�Another Possibly Greater One is Shaping W.K.

3 How Corporate Law inhibits Social Responsibility Robert Hinkley

5 A Laser-Beam on Accountancy and Beyond William Krehm

6 Decoding 9-11 John McMurtry

8 The Template of Official Thinking William Krehm

10 Despite all the Blarney ... Joseph Glynn

11 The Corporate Takeover of Childhood George Monbiot

12 Book Review: The Future of Money�Bernard Lietaer and MONEY�Thomas H Greco

14 A Proposed New Introduction by Frances Hutchinson to SOCIAL CREDIT CLEARLY EXPLAINED: 101 QUESTIONS ANSWERED by John Hargrave

17 The scandal of hand-outs to landowners Kevin Cahill

18 Clocking up food miles Clive Aslet

19 Crossing Borders: Japanese Lending and U.S Borrowing Seth Sandronsky

20 Local Currency issued on Smartcards by Japanese Town

21 The Six-Policies Manning Plan for Monetary and Economic Reform Lowell Manning

23 They�re All Dammed George Monbiot

24 The Business of Power George Monbiot

25 Op-ed on insanity leading to Enron crisis MichaelP

27 Wreckers Unite George Monbiot

28 Book review: "Towards a Non-Autistic Economy - A Place at the Table for Society" WILLIAM KREHM

29 Diplomatic Impunity George Monbiot

30 Patent Nonsense George Monbiot