1: Editorial:

An article on line, too long to copy here but offering much food for thought – and action? – is at

This is also the theme of much of what I have chosen to reprint here.  It is becoming ever-clearer that we are ruled by psychopaths, either in office, or controlling those in office through ‘think-tanks’ and lobbying, funded by those with excessive private or corporate wealth.

More and more people are becoming disillusioned about our ‘democracy’, and joining campaigns about a range of issues resulting from its corporate-friendly rules; so far, few recognise the underlying cause in the growth of debts – or even, that this growth is happening!  However, this is changing with increasing speed.

The review below is a powerful exposé of the make-up of ‘the Prostitute State’, which deserves publicising – note: it can be dowloaded as a pdf, for free, though serious action based on it would make a purchase of the paper version worthwhile.

There still remains the problem of the general ignorance and confusion about the nature of our money-creation, and alternatives to it.